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TreeTop Climbing Monteverde!
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TreeTop Climbing Monteverde!
Where hight comes to life. Book Now

TreeTop Climbing Monteverde

Welcome to TreeTop Climbing - An Height Challenge.


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TreeTop Climbing Tour


TreeTop Climbing is a tour in which you can climb up a high hollow Ficus tree. You can climb it by three different ways and descend in two ways. The tree is located just 5 minutes from the reception area and has a height of 40 meters (131 feet).

You can even climb up the outer part of the tree and have an amazing experience at the way up. When you reach the top there is a secure platform around the tree that has a gorgeous 360 degree panoramic view of the forest canopy.

The first way you can climb the Ficus tree is to climb up through the inside, as it’s hollow. You will be wearing an secure harness and have a safety line where you can climb without any problem. Enjoy and experince climbing up inside the tree and being inside the body of the Ficus tree.

The second way you can climb is via iron rods on the outside of the tree, this is the most common method to climb. You will be using a secure and special scaling system to climb. There will also be a guide that will be assiting you throughout your entire climb and also when you finally reach the top of the trees platform.

The last way to climb is to use a full body harness and a special equipment to climb a rope vertically straight up, which also has an extra safety rope. You have to be in good physical condition to climb this method because it requires much effort. You can have a great experience as you will be completely in the air and in the woods taking in all the great wildlife around. According to experts, the best experience adventure and adrenaline is to be suspended on a rope in the air.

After enjoying some time looking at the beautiful view on the top of the trees platform, there are two ways to descend; the first is to climb down the same why you climbed up via the inside of the hallow Ficus tree with a safety harness. The second way is to descend from the top of the platform and rappel off the tree in the air, which is the most common way. There are 3 different points you can rappel from here.

Tour Includes: Transport from and to Monteverde Hotels (7:30a.m. 10:30a.m. 1:30p.m.), bilingual guides, and climbing gear.

Tour Last: Takes up around 3 hours depend of amount of people and there skills.

What to bring: Tennis shoes/NO SANDALS (we rent tennis shoes if needed), comfortable clothing, sunscreen, and insect repellent.

Important Requirements: Kids 12 years or older are only permitted and adults ages 50 and older need to be in good physical condition. We can take 1 to 15 people per tour.

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